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17 Jun 吉祥彩票网
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Forum on Resilience and Sustainability

Schaefer School of Engineering and Science Virtual Research Forum

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The Charles V. Schaefer, Jr. School of Engineering and Science is pleased to launch a weekly Virtual Research Forum to share our exciting research breakthroughs in six pillar areas and foster cross-disciplinary collaboration. Each weekly forum features five highly accomplished faculty speakers from multiple departments within the Schaefer School.

Resilience and Sustainability Speakers

吉祥彩票网Christos Christodoulatos
Dr. Christos Christodoulatos
Department of Civil, Environmental, & Ocean Engineering

Field Pilot Ascale of Industrial Wastewater to Biofuel via Algae Growth, Harvesting, and Biogas Production; and Energetic-Laden Wastewater Treatement Technology via Chemical Reduction or Advanced Oxidation Transformers

About Christos Christodoulatos
吉祥彩票网Muhammad Hajj
Dr. Muhammad Hajj
Department of Civl, Environmental, & Ocean Engineering

Energy Harvesting: Microwatt to Megawatt

About Muhammad Hajj
吉祥彩票网Stephanie Lee
Dr. Stephanie Lee
Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science

Engineering Light-Harvesting Crystals for Emerging Large-Area, Flexible Solar Panels

About Stephanie Lee
吉祥彩票网Nick Parziale
Dr. Nick Parziale
Department of Mechanical Engineering

High-Speed and Reacting Flows for Applications in Defense and Sustainability

About Nick Parziale
吉祥彩票网Lei Wu
Dr. Lei Wu
Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering

New Brain for Optimal Operation of Smart Grid: Comprehensive and Realistic Models and Fast, Scalable Algorithms

About Lei Wu


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